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dear livejournal friends

i am writing a zine about sydney (or anywhere really) mental hospitals & the stupidity & shenanigans that come hand in hand with being a psychiatric patient. write about anything: crazies you have encountered, amusing situations, friendly/not so friendly staff, stilnox adventures - whatever you want really.

if you have anything you want to contribute, comment here or email me at - don't stress about whether what you have to say is good/funny enough, i'll be the judge of that. i've decided to do this as my project to make hospital more manageable over the next few weeks so whatever laughs you have are good to me. anything you write will be confidential (you & anyone else's names can be changed if you want) or you can be acknowledged as the contributer.


Does anybody have any experience (theirs or somebody else's) with hypnotherapy for weight-loss or with hypnotherapy for anything at all?

I try so hard and successfully diet with exercise until about 7pm every night and then i go into "auto-pilot" mode and eat uncontrollably. I binge badly. Its so frustrating and i feel like a failure. Im wasting so much effort by spoiling it with very bad in-grained habitual binge eating. Its like i dont even think about what im doing until its all *eventually* over.

Im at my wits end with this. I want to tear my hair out!
Im willing to give anything a try at this point.

Thanks in advance.

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You know, even when I'm eating "normally", I'm still obsessing about food. I calculate calories of all the meals but shrug them off. I obsess over what I'm going to eat next even right after I've eaten. I think about food, recipes, cooking, and so forth, to in an insane degree. It makes me wonder that even if I am able to maintain healthy and normal eating habits, will I still be obsessive and weird about eating and food the rest of my life? I wish there was some kind of way to brainwash all of this out of me. I wish I could actually enjoy my food and meals, and feel hungry or full like a normal person.

Oh well, c'est la vie. Sorry for the random thoughts. I have nowhere else to place them.

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I need an honest opinion.
I worry that I've gotten so huge, but I'm also afraid that no one will be honest with me because they're afraid they'll send me off the deep end if they say, "Well... you could stand to lose a bit of weight."

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I was wondering if anyone knew of a good system cleanse. Not like a detox thing, but something that would empty out colon/stomach stuff that build up. Something that would clean out your system that doesn't involve a colonoscopy, lol.

Other than that, doing pretty well. Lost about 10 pounds in three weeks, gained three over the holidays, but it's manageable. Trying to be positive.

think thin or whatever motivates you to not eat. Christ. Has nothing to do with my question, sorry I've been expected to repeat garbage like that in other communities. Any one have any information on my question or are you all just going to say the same things over and over again? No worries, I'm prepared for saracasm and criticism and nothing more.


*Edit. The reason I am asking is 'cause fecal matter builds up in the large intestine and can add 10-15 pounds more than what should be there. There's a way to remove it that doesn't involve a colonic/enema deal (which is preferable) that involves either a drink or herbs or something.


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I am the most unhappy bunny.

I was referred to the rehab clinic. I looked round the rehab clinic. I was assessed at the rehab clinic. I was all ready for the rehab clinic.
Now the private medical won't pay up.

I do not know what to do anymore.
I can not do this by myself.
I can not do this with a therapist: that is why I was referred.
Medical insurance is a joke.
There reason for not covering...."She's been ill too long"
Brilliant reason.

What adds is the fucking "celebrity" I met in the clinic, who basically told me he was there for no reason.
Give me his place!
Eating disorders suck.

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I've gone two months without purging. On top of that, I've cut most "bad" foods out of my diet, been eating between 300-800 calories a day, and lost five pounds recently. My boyfriend turned to me this morning in bed, pinched my hip, and asked me with a hint of subtle concern, "Have you lost weight?". I told him I did, and his told me I looked good, with a little hesitation. It felt so good.

I know this is kind of a boring post, but it made me so happy. I haven't dipped under 120 lbs in over a year, and I have no one else to share the excitement with. I celebrated with a few vodka shots. I hope everyone else is well.